Customer SupporT

We test comprehensively through the manufacturing process and Certificates of Analysis are available, on request, for all our products. 

Our Certificates of Analysis provide data based on the poorest test results obtained, not an average from the batch, so customers can be confident of the product’s composition. We are happy to discuss customers’ particular requirements in order to ensure that the product composition is the best match for their application.

Packing & delivery

  • Preparations: We supply blended mixtures of materials in a wide range of quantities by request. We also prepare and supply solutions for mobile phase for use in HPLC using a variety of methods and recipes.
  • Packaging: We offer glass bottles from 500ml to 2.5l as standard, along with larger volumes, from 4l up to 1000l IBCs on request. All our packaging is UN certified.
  • Labelling: We are happy to discuss your particular labelling requirements, including white label services.
  • Quantity: From a single 2.5l bottle to a full pallet or more, we impose no minimum order requirements.
  • Delivery: We deliver across Europe and all our freight complies with ADR regulations. Standard delivery within the UK is within 3-4 working days for a flat charge. Express or overnight delivery within the UK is available on request. Should you prefer to arrange your own freight, goods can be available ex works. We are pleased to work with a number of European distribution partners to ensure the best service and availability for our export customers.

Roddy Stoddart, General Manager
Contact to discuss technical issues and specifications for your application.